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Ann’s Heart Enters Agreement of Sale to Purchase the Sacred Heart Campus

Kicks off 3-year initiative to revamp the space as a collaborative hub of nonprofit services

Phoenixville, PA: Ann’s Heart ( has entered into an Agreement of Sale with St. Ann Church and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to purchase the Sacred Heart Campus (4 buildings on 0.8 acres) in downtown Phoenixville. We are excited to announce the kick-off of a 3-year, $3.5M initiative to purchase, maintain and renovate the property, and expand programming with our nonprofit partners to serve the people of Phoenixville and the surrounding region with the hub of services offered at Ann’s Heart.

The 3-year initiative is called the REPROJECT ( and has three goals:

RETAIN - raise funding to purchase the campus by end of Q1 2024 ($2M)

RESTORE - address maintenance issues and enhance ADA compliance ($1M)

REIMAGINE - expand our programs and build out additional spaces on the campus for nonprofit partners to increase the services offered at Ann’s Heart ($500K)

Ann’s Heart and the nine community nonprofits housed on the campus, provide educational programs and low-barrier, year-round access to supportive and professional services, along with a weather-dependent emergency shelter.

“The Archdiocese and St. Ann Church have offered us an incredible opportunity to solidify the hub of nonprofit services here and to preserve the history of Church Street,” says Kristen McGee, Executive Director of Ann’s Heart.

The REPROJECT will allow us to create new spaces for additional nonprofit partners to ensure we are providing essential services to those in need. Expanded programs will include on-site transitional housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

“Our REPROJECT is the next step in accomplishing the strategic imperatives that we set in 2020. By purchasing the Sacred Heart property, we can make our buildings more accessible and expand the nonprofit services being offered out of our ‘hub’,” says Laura Winters, President of the Board.

Interested in helping?

Support the HEART of Phoenixville and donate to the REPROJECT today!

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